The Reasons LinkedIn's New CTV Ads for B2B Campaigns Should Excite Marketers:

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LinkedIn recently unveiled LinkedIn Connected TV (CTV), a new solution that will let B2B Excite Marketers reach audiences off-platform and on their big home screen. The announcement was made at LinkedIn’s B2Believe Conference. With prominent CTV publishers like Roku, Samsung, and NBCUniversal on board, clients can now buy streaming advertising via LinkedIn’s campaign management.

That’s not all, though. The announcement was made concurrently with the launch of LinkedIn Premiere, a new managed solution in Campaign Manager from NBCUniversal that enables you to target American decision-makers across all of the company’s premium streaming content on CTV.

Even while the news is exciting, the majority of marketers probably have the same queries: Is LinkedIn Connected TV a product that makes sense for our advertising approach? What advantages does it offer? How does it operate? And how are the outcomes determined?

What is connected TV (CTV) and how might it help with marketing?

In a nutshell, connected TV (CTV) advertising is the practice of airing advertisements on televisions that are connected to the internet. Connected TVs, sometimes referred to as smart TVs, let users access digital media using built-in apps or through external devices like gaming consoles, Roku, and Apple TV. Therefore, unless you’re watching TV on an antiquated “dumb TV” with rabbit ears, it’s likely that you’ve come across this kind of advertisement when streaming your preferred programme.

What then makes this kind of advertising appealing? Even though the structure and its on-platform equivalent are very similar, it’s vital to remember that these advertisements have a number of advantages:

  • Personalised advertisement
  • Elevated Visibility
  • Brand Security Economical
  • Measurable Outcomes
  • Achieve

In the US and Canada, LinkedIn CTV reach already exceeds 105 million connected devices monthly and 60 million households, and these figures are only expected to rise.

Expanding upon the popularity of video

Taina Palombo-Price, Senior Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn, stated during a B2Believe session about the product launch that “CTV promises the power of big-screen storytelling for B2B brands.”

Given that the new product “builds on the success of LinkedIn’s In-stream Video Ads, which are helping customers nearly triple their in-stream video completion rate,” the transition to home television screens seems well-thought-out. It makes even more sense to combine this successful note with the growth in video consumption on and off social media platforms and the introduction of this product line.

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Using linked TV to reach your audiences

How recently have you browsed LinkedIn out of boredom? Despite being the best social media platform for networking, career advancement, and job searching, users on this platform are less susceptible to ads since they use it more deliberately than on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. In a recent interview with AdExchanger, Penry Price, VP of Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, explained that the off-platform approach of CTV was the result of strategic thought.

“LinkedIn is not making a bid for new users by entering the CTV space. Instead, he explained, “the goal is to assist B2B Excite Marketers in connecting with current LinkedIn members at various times throughout the day, like when they’re at work or lounging on the couch at home.”

LinkedIn CTV advertisements’ potential

How may we increase brand recognition and consideration at an earlier stage of the buying process? LinkedIn CTV advertisements aim to achieve that. Price expressed his thoughts in the same interview, saying that B2B companies should ensure that consumers have a positive perception of their brand before they see a product advertisement on LinkedIn. Brands may improve the likelihood that their digital advertisements will significantly increase sales by launching CTV campaigns farther up the funnel.

LinkedIn’s Vice President of new Management, Lindsey Edwards, stated in a blog post on the new launch that “marketing campaigns are only as effective as the audience they reach.” According to Edwards, a Demandbase survey from 2023 revealed that 90% of US consumers had adopted CTV, an increase from 81% in 2021. The channel has a lot of potential for B2B applications.

According to the survey, B2B advertisers may revitalise their campaigns and achieve increased brand exposure and engagement by integrating CTV into their marketing playbooks. Indeed, a recent study found that viewers who viewed both digital and TV advertisements had a 40% higher recall rate for the brand than if they only saw the internet ad.

Bringing highly-targeted advertisements to CTV and reaching viewers earlier in the buying process are just two benefits of the new product launch. Additionally, it will provide B2B companies of all sizes with a hitherto unattainable chance to highlight their originality and include alongside content.

NBCUniversal’s Executive Vice President of Digital Sales and Partnerships, Trevor Fellows, discussed the product’s increased accessibility at B2Believe. “In actuality, this is the democratisation of advertising, enabling even small clients to have incredible content appear.” We revealed last week that programmatic advertising will be able to purchase Olympic coverage starting this summer. This implies that anybody may now promote in the Olympics—that was unheard of twelve, sixteen, and twenty years ago.

Evaluation of LinkedIn CTV advertisements

LinkedIn is working with industry-leading partners, like iSpot for advanced audience measurement and Kantar for objective brand lift studies, in addition to offering native reporting features like Performance Summary Reports, Revenue Attribution Reports, Conversions API, and its new CTV Brand Lift. These partnerships will help you more accurately gauge the reach of your campaigns relative to your target audiences. But there’s more—wait. “We’ll be looking for higher engagement on LinkedIn – such as whether clicks and video completion rates increase for a brand’s ads on LinkedIn among target audiences who first saw the ad on CTV compared to those who didn’t,” Price said when discussing how to measure performance. In order to provide essential TV data like frequency and reach, we will also depend on measurement and verification partners.

Launching a CTV campaign on LinkedIn Excite Marketers

In case you’re a trailblazer in B2B marketing and thrilled about the new product’s release, here are some essential details to consider before launching your initial LinkedIn CTV campaign:

Long-form videos may have advertisements at the start (pre-roll), in the middle (mid-roll), or in the final 15 to 30 seconds.

  • To design your campaigns, you have to use Campaign Manager.
  • Only auto-bidding is supported by CTV advertisements.
  • At this time, just the US and Canada are being targeted.
  • The language of the audience must be English.

gest reading the LinkedIn help centre article, “Set up Connected TV ads in Campaign Manager,” for further instructions.

Is it wise to employ CTV ads on LinkedIn?

By using LinkedIn’s B2B-specific targeting options for CTV, Excite Marketers may use the platform in a more comprehensive way. In the past, running CTV required marketers to work with other vendors, whose audiences differed from those they were targeting on LinkedIn. This resulted in a gap in targeting and in the total attribution calculations.Excite Marketers

Moreover, the widespread availability of video content cannot be disregarded. With the ability to build multiple touchpoints and engage with new audiences through various media channels throughout the buyer journey, LinkedIn CTV and its partnerships with these prominent TV players present an alluring proposition for B2B Excite Marketers. Put succinctly, the advertising solution makes sure that when a key decision-maker is prepared to make a purchase, they will remember and associate your brand with quality.Excite Marketers

There’s a lot to learn about this tool’s efficacy as well as the advantages and disadvantages of starting a campaign around a recently released product. Having said that, there’s plenty to be happy about because large-scale developments in the social media field don’t happen very often. Excite Marketers Is it going to be popular? We’ll keep an eye on LinkedIn Connected TV’s sustainability and collaborate internally to provide suggestions on how to best utilise their most recent offering for your company.

We encourage you to peruse our staff of social media experts’ comprehensive list of recommendations for B2B marketing on LinkedIn in the interim.


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