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Top 34 Social Media Marketing Blogs:blog.hubspot.com

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The wonderful thing about the internet is that it is populated with knowledgeable marketers who freely share excellent content.

Social networking is not an exemption.

Should you find yourself with spare time during the week to expand your reading list, we suggest you to subscribe to a few of these 33 sites that focus exclusively on social media marketing.

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The Greatest 34 Social Media Blogs

1. Blog for HubSpot Marketing

We try to cover all the topics that a modern marketer would need to know about on the HubSpot Marketing blog. Social media is a part of this. You can find actual research and articles regarding certain platforms, like Instagram, in addition to general posts about social media marketing.

2.Navigating Social Media

Jason Falls founded Social Media Explorer, which regularly publishes excellent articles about how social media affects public relations and business.

3. The Buzz About the Future

The Future Buzz, Adam Singer’s site, adopts a definite stance when discussing SEO and social media marketing, and he doesn’t hesitate to call out concepts and strategies that he believes are detrimental to marketers.

4. Marketing using Duct Tape

Duct Tape Marketing is a must-read for small business owners looking for tactical and strategic guidance on using social media and online marketing to expand their brands.

5. Modern Social Media

Social Media Today provides a wide range of news on the most recent advancements on social networks as well as innovative advice on how to make the most out of each site. Twice a month, the blog also conducts live Twitter talks on a variety of social media subjects using the hashtag #SMTLive.

6. Trends in Small Businesses

Multimedia information and professional social media advice for small businesses may be found in the Social Media section of Small Business Trends, a sizable news source for business owners.

7. Web Ink Right Now

Author and lecturer David Meerman Scott provides insightful theories and practical examples of how social media affects marketing, along with easily digestible information that is ideal for executives who are not in marketing.

social media marketing.

social media marketing.

8. Radice Rebecca

Rebekah Radice is a social media influencer who has won awards; her blog demonstrates her proficiency in this field. Her site condenses common social media subjects into information that offers marketers the solutions they need. In addition, she hosts a podcast called Brand Authority where she delves deeper into the issues she covers on her blog.

9. Review of Solutions

Solutions Review is a group of news and reference websites for business software that compiles, selects, and produces top-notch information to link vendors and customers. For technologies ranging from Cybersecurity to Big Data and WorkTech, as well as Identity and Access Management, Endpoint Security, Data Analytics and Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Process Management, Enterprise Cloud, and Network Monitoring, Solutions Review has launched 20 unique and category-specific Buyer’s Guide sites over the previous six years.

10. Mari Smith

Mari Smith has been dubbed the “Queen of Facebook,” and her site dedicated to Facebook bears witness to this flattering moniker. Smith creates current insights for the contemporary social media marketer based on the most recent Facebook trends, along with lots of helpful video marketing suggestions.

11. The Hat for Social Media

This straightforward property serves as a one-stop shop for content marketers, offering everything from social media to email marketing. In order to help you implement the insights gained from the blog into your marketing endeavours, The Social Media Hat also provides a suggested list of marketing tools.

12. Jon Loomer

Blogger and podcaster Jon Loomer provides articles and video training on all things Facebook marketing on his website.

13. Blog for Online Marketing at TopRank

For many years, the TopRank blog has provided excellent search engine and social media marketing content in the form of posts and lists that are simple to read.

14. SocialMedia.biz

This extensive blog organises its social media information into four categories: news, business, how-to, and marketing. This allows readers to peruse the content in a way that best suits their particular professional social media needs.

15. DreamGrow

DreamGrow is committed to content marketing through social media. The site teaches users how to use social media to improve as individuals and as businesses, catering to both content providers and marketing strategists.

16. DigitalPros Everyday Tip

MarketingProfs offers excellent daily marketing content for free on its Daily Fix blog, but some of its content is only available to premium subscribers.

17. The Social Sector

ZDNet’s Eileen Brown’s blog is a comprehensive source for new developments about the influence of social media on business.

18. Speak with Aaron Lee

Malaysian social media manager Aaron Lee teaches half a million readers worldwide how to utilise social media to expand a business by drawing on his background as an entrepreneur.

19. The Branding Altitude

Visit Amber Naslund’s blog for insightful and sincere criticism and guidance on social media and online business.

20 . Dave Fleet

Regarding the effects of social media on brands and conventional communications roles like public relations and advertising, Dave’s blog offers insightful information.

21.Examiner of Social Media 

Social Media Examiner provides a wealth of free marketing guidance for businesses of all sizes, thanks to its regular how-to articles and roster of fantastic guest writers.

22. Persuade and Convert

When it comes to maximising reach and converting new leads through social media, Jay Baer offers practical advice.

23. Jeremiah Owyang’s Web Strategy

Spend a minute reading Jeremiah’s blog to get an analyst’s take on new topics like social CRM and high-level social media concepts.

24. Search Engine Land 

enduring source for search engine marketing For professional guidance on search marketing, visit Search Engine Land.

25. Expert Blogger

ProBlogger shares the techniques and tactics required to become a successful blogger for individuals interested in enhancing and growing their blog across all digital channels.

26. Sprout Social

The insights blog of social media management platform Sprout Social stays up to date on the newest best practices in social media marketing, from posting the right kind of content to leveraging chatbots to provide better customer care.

27. The Poor Pitch Blog

The Bad Pitch Blog identifies common mistakes made by other marketers, helping you avoid making the same blunders. These pieces offer some significant insights on media relations across all digital platforms.

28. The Blog of Moz

Search engine optimisation (SEO) tools and guidance are among Moz’s specialities. You might be surprised to learn that the well-known Moz Blog also offers social media guidance from the distinct viewpoint of SEO.

29. Fitzpatrick, Peg

Author of the best-selling book “The Art of Social Media,” Peg Fitzpatrick offers content creators today an equally inventive perspective on social media marketing on her blog.

30. Razor Social

The social media blog at RazorSocial is one of nine content categories that demonstrates various approaches to content strategy and how to utilise specific marketing technologies to their fullest potential.

31. Organise Socially

Donna Moritz is an Australian content strategist and author of this award-winning marketing blog. She discusses how to use social media to communicate stories more effectively.

32. Neil Patel

Entrepreneur, consultant, and marketing guru Neil Patel has worked with several Fortune 500 businesses, including NBC, GM, and Amazon.

Patel writes for his own website in addition to our blog, where we have occasionally highlighted his research and insights. Although a lot of his writings are on SEO, you can also discover content about social media and other aspects of digital marketing.

33. Afterwards

Later is most recognised for its scheduling tool for Instagram. Kelly Hendrickson, the social manager of HubSpot, enjoys reading their very extensive social media blog, though.

34. The buffer

Like other blogs on this list, Buffer publishes a few pieces each day pertaining to social networking. Our social media community manager, Crystal Wu, personally loves Buffer. They employ films, unique data, and infographics to communicate visual storytelling about social media strategies.

35.Studying Trends in Social Media

You may find the vast array of social media blogs to be extremely daunting. “How do I keep up with all 33 blogs on this list?” may be on your mind.

It’s not necessary for you to read every blog on this list every day, in actuality. Simply skim the ones that are most supportive of your team and tactics.

Once you’ve found a site you adore, sign up for its email list to receive daily updates straight in your inbox, which will remove the need for frequent surfing.

Check out our comprehensive guide to gain more knowledge about social media marketing.

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